The Spanish ESC has the following functions:

  • Issuing opinions, on a mandatory basis, on bills drawn up by central government and draft legislative royal decrees regulating socio-economic and employment matters, and also on draft royal decrees that the government considers of particu-lar importance in regulating these fields.
  • Issuing opinions, also on a mandatory basis, on bills or plans for government measures that affect the Council's organisation, functions or operation; on the dismissal of the Council's President or Secretary-General, and any other matters which, by express provision of law, must be referred to the Council.
  • Issuing opinions on issues referred to the Council, on an optional basis, by the Spanish government or members thereof.
  • Drawing up, at the request of the government or members thereof, or on the Council's initiative, surveys and reports relating to the following issues in the context of the socio-economic interests of management and labour: the economy and taxation; labour relations, employment and social security; social affairs; ag-riculture and fisheries; education and culture; health and consumption; the envi-ronment; transport and communications; industry and energy; housing; regional development; the single European market, and co-operation for development.
  • Regulating its own organisational system and internal procedure.
  • Drawing up and submitting to the government, in the first five months of each year, a report assessing Spain's socio-economic and employment situation.