In carrying out its advisory function as assigned by the law, the Council issues various types of document:

  • Mandatory opinions at the government's request
  • Own-initiative reports

Moreover, pursuant to the law's article 7.1.5, the Council prepares and submits to the government an annual report on the socioeconomic and employment situation in Spain, setting out its view of the state of affairs. This report is an exhaustive assessment of social realities in Spain and its value comes from the joint contributions of the leading social and economic figures represented on the Council.

The Council may also express its views in Other Documents adopted by its competent bodies and published at inter-institutional meetings and forums.

Latest documents

For copies of documents published by the Council please contact:
Dirección del Área de Estudios y Análisis. Departamento de Publicaciones
C/ Huertas 73 Madrid 28014
Tfo: 91 429 00 18
Fax: 91 429 42 57