Welcome to the website of the Spanish Economic and Social Council

Marcos Peña, President of the Spanish ESC

In an increasingly complex society it is vital for there to be dialogue, a search for common ground and tolerance in case of disagreement, as basic instruments for social development – for building a fairer, more participative and open society. The Spanish Economic and Social Council (ESC), provided for in Spain's 1978 Constitution (art. 131.2) and established in 1991, is precisely this forum for understanding between the social and economic partners.

The Spanish Economic and Social Council, made up of employees' organizations, trade unions and other representatives of public interests, is a government advisory body, which means that its voice is heard in decision-making affecting the various sectors of Spanish society.

With this objective, the Council issues mandatory opinions on draft bills for laws, draft legislative royal decrees regulating socioeconomic and labour policy, and draft royal decrees considered by the government to be of particular significance in this field. And not just this. The Spanish ESC also studies and analyzes issues of concern to our society on its own initiative. Its annual memorandum has become an essential point of reference for understanding Spain's development and socioeconomic situation.

This website will give you an insight into the work done by the Spanish ESC. In it you will be able to appreciate the process of dialogue that leads to common ground and consensus between legitimately different interests. We hope its pages will convey to you our desire to achieve an ever-greater degree of understanding and accord. For in the Spanish ESC we believe and maintain that dialogue is a task for all – the best instrument for overcoming differences and ensuring that tolerance and respect are our finest achievements.

Marcos Peña

President of the Spanish ESC