TRESMED 3 is a new project for the period 2008-2010 that shares the same philosophy acquired in earlier editions: to provide support for strengthening the role of the economic and social agents in decision-making processes, in the Euro-Mediterranean partnership.

The added value of TRESMED 3 will be decided by the own partners of the Project with a strong will to strength the dialogue and to bring the civil societies of the EU closer to those of neighbouring countries, based on the political, economic and social collaboration.

TRESMED 3 is going to develop three types of activities, as three different ways to work in common., through technical seminars, technical assistance and a particular initiative in the context of the education for the young people.

The aim of TRESMED 3 is to achieve the mobility of the partners, a mutual exchange of experiences in order to support economic growth and prosperity for the Euro-Mediterranean countries.

Presentación TRESMED 3

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Madrid 19 a 21 de Mayo 2010